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Nokia Tablet To Get Native Games From FishLabs?

Those of you who have had Nokia mobile phones during the early years of the new millennium might fondly remember your obsession with the Snake game. You may agree that the simple game alone was responsible for thousands of people to lay their hands on a Nokia handset. The Finnish giant has since then failed to make great products, though we have been hearing that a Tablet PC is now in the works.

Is Nokia once again banking on native games to promote its upcoming gizmo? Rumors suggest so. In a recent blog post, game developer FishLabs has revealed that the company is working with Nokia for a large screen application. The post reads,

“Beyond that, we are working on a AAA title closely together with Nokia featuring OpenGL ES 2.0 graphics for a large screen.”

It is not clear what FishLabs means by a “large screen“. However, for the sake of keeping the rumors exciting, we shall pretend that it means a tablet PC.

[via Fish Labs]

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