Nokia Building Native Shopping List Manager Application

There are a lot of third party applications for smartphone devices that help you in managing your shopping list. However, it now appears that Nokia might want provide a native application for this purpose.

In a patent filed recently with the USPTO, the engineers have Nokia have described a smart application that will not only guide you to the particular location of the shop where you need to get the various items, but can also suggest alternate products if stocks are out – keeping in mind your allergies and dislikes!

Here are smart things this application can do

  • Store purchase history and notify user if they have missed any regular item that the software thinks you might have run out of
  • Alert user of discounts and offers
  • Use GPS tracking to guide you in the store for the location of various products
  • Suggest complimentary items. Have bread on your list? It will suggest butter

The technology appears interesting though it is to be seen whether or not such an applications lives to see the light of the day.  With such an application in place, we see Nokia signing deals with a Walmart or Target to encourage their users visit these outlets for maximizing their shopping experience Рin exchange for monetary deals with these retail majors.

What do you think? Will such an application encourage you to shop at specific retail stores? Tell us what you think.