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Apple Shows Nokia N97 Mini Signal Reception Issue

Come on Apple, you can do better – You have such a huge issue staring at you on the face and instead of addressing them, you go about picking every other competitor out there? Steve Jobs cheekily called the antenna issue a fact of life and said all wireless smartphones suffer from them. True. But not all smartphones go dead on just a casual two-finger touch.

Apple wouldn’t listen. After Nokia rebuked Steve Jobs’ statements that their company has all along ensured that their users do not face death grip issues, Cupertino has released a video showing that the death grip exists on the Nokia N97 Mini too. Check out the video of a user literally crushing the phone from either side to ensure the signal reception fails.

Well, of course this was to happen if you have to hold the phone so tight from both sides. Sad thing is, nobody holds their phone this way when making a call. The phone is held tight either on the left side or the right (depending on whether you are left handed or right handed), but seldom does anyone hold it tight from both ends.

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