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Nokia N8 Launch Date Set For September 30

Looks like the earlier speculations about the launch date of the new Nokia N8 scheduled towards the end of September are sort of correct. Tapani Kaskinen, ┬áSenior Comms Manager at Nokia has revealed to a Finnish newspaper that the company will begin the fulfillment of Nokia N8 pre-orders starting the 30th of this month. Now, since this revelation was made to the Finnish media, it is not clear if the dates hold true for the rest of the world. But since Kaskinen is specifically talking about pre-orders , I’m assuming the news holds true for all markets where Nokia has opened its preorder counters.

If you are in the USA, this would definitely mean September 30. A report in mid-August had speculated the launch to happen in the end of September at a price of $550. Also, Espoo is noted to have purchased ad spots on Google Adwords for a week-long campaign starting September 23. So that nearly explains it.

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