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Unveiled : Nokia C6/C7 Features And Launch Announced

The Nokia World Expo is currently underway and the Finnish giant has just unveiled two very promising smartphones – the Nokia C6 and C7. Both the devices are pretty similar except for the fact that the C7 is pretty slimmer. Both the devices come with a 3.5-inches display screen built with “ClearBlack Display“. The display is said to be as good as the hyped retina display on the iPhone. Anssi Vanjoki, the executive Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Espoo explains,

“It’s a premium touchscreen that provides a higher contrast viewing experience than anything before. the background of the ClearBlack Display is blacker than black, because we have used a polariser to remove unwanted reflections for important outdoor visibility. It has lower power consumption too. It’s not only blacker, it’s also greener.”

Other features on the upcoming devices include an 8-megapixel camera, webTV, free Ovi Maps,etc. That is everything we have at present with respect to the specifications list. No word on the pricing though the launch date is touted to be in Q4 this year. Here’s hoping for a great launch. Check out our earlier article on Nokia C7 specifications here.

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