NoiseHush N650 Solar Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit Available Online

NoiseHush, manufacturers of electronics accessories have now made their N650 solar hands free Bluetooth car kit available for purchase online. The accessory is a very eco-friendly device that can help you out in answering calls while you are driving or merely traveling in a car.

The car kit comes with a number of interesting features that makes it mention-worthy. Firstly, the kit is equipped with DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression systems that the manufacturers claim will offer “full duplex sound quality“. Features in the device include the ability to answer, end, reject or redial calls, volume control, switching between calls, a microphone mute option, caller ID memory and phone book. The device also has a prominent LCD screen that will show you the dialer number.

NoiseHush solar hands free bluetooth car kit

In addition to solar charging, the device can also be alternatively charged via USB ports – something that could be pretty useful through the winter. NoiseHush N650 offers 10 hours of talk time and is powered by a 100 mAh Li-polymer battery. The device is presently being offered at a 25% discount on WirelessGround that you can avail here.

Check out a video of the N650 hands free car kit embedded below and let us know how you find it in the comments.