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No Game Center For Mac App Store – Many Features Missing Too

Apple’s new application market for Macs, the Mac App Store could be missing a number of features when it launches next month, according to the updated version of the iTunes Connect Developer Guide published yesterday.

According to reports, the Mac App Store may not let users to demo or trial applications before purchase. Also, unlike its iOS cousin, developers may not be able to generate promo codes for select users to try applications from the App Store without purchase. It is worth noting that iOS app developers may generate up to 50 promo codes that can be distributed to reviewers and friends across the world.

This is not all. The upcoming Mac App Store may also lack other anticipated features like an in-app purchase functionality and support for Game Center, the recently launched social network for gamers.

Apple has always been known to offer minimalistic first version of devices and so it is likely that these features may be offered as software upgrades sometime down the line. But if you were eager to challenge your friends over Game Center, then you may have to wait for some more time.

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