No Apple TV On Amazon “Bestsellers In Electronics”

The Business Insider has made a fascinating observation. The new Apple TV that is known to be selling pretty well is missing from Amazon’s top 100 list of best sellers in electronics. That in itself is nothing interesting. Dan Frommer from BI notes that devices such as Roku’s XD streaming player rank behind Apple TV in niche lists like that of Digital Media devices. But when it comes to the overall rankings, Apple TV is nowhere in the list whereas Roky XD streaming player is ranked number 20.

“In theory, if each of those three devices is selling better than the Roku XD in the same category, they should be selling better than the Roku XD overall, too. So, in theory, the Apple TV is one of the top-20-or-so best-selling electronics, along with the Boxee Box and Roku XDS, and the Roku XD should be in the 20s somewhere.

So why is Apple TV kept off of Amazon’s best-selling gadgets list? Is there a secret reason?”

While it may sound preposterous to assume that Amazon may have decided to deliberately list Apple TV out in order to keep Amazon Kindle ranked number 1, that is definitely a speculation that is doing the rounds. We will have to wait for Amazon’s word on this before making a judgement.