No Android 2.3 For LG Optimus S Due To “Processor Requirements”

Here is a lesson in social media marketing – never lie to your customers. At least over a social network where you can be easily caught. A recent conversation between an LG customer and the company’s social media team may have got more publicity than the company may have wanted to. The customer simply wanted to know when his LG Optimus S would get Android 2.3. And this is the reply he got over Facebook

“So, the Optimus line won’t be getting the Gingerbread update because they have a 600MHz processor,and the minimum requirements for Gingerbread require 1 GHz processor. In other words: it’s not possible to update the processor, unfortunately.”

Other members soon jumped in to correct LG’s statements. In fact, Dan Morrill, the Android lead at Google was quick to write on his Twitter account,

“there’s no hard minimum processor requirement for Gingerbread… trust me, if there were I’d know.”

While it is possible that the social media team had a dose of miscommunication (remember Gingerbread was initially thought to be Android 3.0 that will possibly need better hardware), it is always a good idea to verify facts before posting such communications.