Nissan Leaf Electric Car US Orders Begin April 20

Those of you looking to buy Nissan’s new electric car, the Nissan Leaf may book your orders starting April 20. The car will come at a cost of $32,780 before subsidies.

As always with electric cars, there are however a lot of government sponsored incentives to expect. There is a tax credit of up to $7,500 from the government. Also, there are additional subsidies to expect from the individual state governments.

Mark Perry, the director of product planning at Nissan North America said,

“This is the price we had in mind all along. We wanted to bring out a car so that it’s affordable and priced for the mass market. So with an effective price of $25,000 (after rebates and credits), you are right in the center of the U.S. car market. In some regions, the effective price will be down around $20,000.”

[via Nissan USA]

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