Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars & Pushing Daisies Now On Netflix

Netflix and Warner Brothers have announced the signing of a new partnership that will bring several new TV shows from Warner Brothers into Netflix’s catalog of online streaming video content. The partnership has also extended Netflix’s license for movies from Warner Bros. until 2011.

According to a media release issued by the companies yesterday, the partnership will bring the entire archive of TV shows like Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars, Pushing Daisies and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles to Netflix.

However, the partnership has not delved into the other contentious issues with respect to the mandatory delay of 28 days between the release of the movie and its release on Netflix. This will mean, the current restriction to not stream movies that were released less than 28 days earlier will prevail.

The license on TV shows is learned to have been awarded to Netflix for a period of 4 years.