No Plans For Nintendo Games On iPhone And Android Devices

A study conducted by Flurry Analytics early this year showed that iOS devices now contribute to 5% of overall gaming activity that has consequently been eating away the market share held by dedicated gaming console manufacturers like Nintendo and Sony. This growth is inevitable considering that gaming consoles have all along only catered to the hard core gamers and casual gamers are now having their presence felt with smartphone platforms like the iPhone and Android handsets.

So, will Nintendo take note of this opportunity that lies in the new platforms and launch their flagship games on the iOS and Android platforms? This question was posed by Nintendo shareholders to the company CEO, Satoru Iwata.

In response, Mr. Iwata has indicated that the company has no such plans. He further points out that the games on Nintendo were “inseparable” from the hardware and hence it would not be logical to port these games for iOS and Android.

Well technically, it is possible. Just go looking for NES emulator for iPhone to try a few games.