Nintendo 3DS eReader App In The Works?

Nintendo 3DS may continue to keep its wireless connection via Wi-Fi active when the game console itself was in sleeping mode. This connection could be used to download timely news and information – This was revealed by Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata in a recent interview to Japanese newspaper Nikkei thus triggering speculations that an eReader application could be in the works for the upcoming portable console.

Nintendo unveiled its latest 3D supported gaming console at E3 recently and has tipped the device to launch during the Christmas holiday season. The device is expected to come with an onboard storage system allowing users to install games locally. The latest speculation is built over these existing speculations that will allow users to download news and other ebooks to their local storage to use the Nintendo 3DS game console as an eReader as well.

With tablet PCs like the iPad encroaching on the territories of eReaders and gaming consoles, these portable device manufacturers too have been found looking for ways to expand the horizon of their offerings to remain competitive. It will be interesting to see how this competition pans out in the long run.

[via Andria Sang]