Nintendo Files Patent For Touch Screen Steering Wheel On DSi

Racing games on Nintendo DSi can get much more realistic. A recent patent filed by Nintendo talks about introducing a touch screen based steering wheel to the DSi which would mean users no longer have to steer cars using the left-right buttons but can instead use the clockwise-anticlockwise steering mechanism.

In the patent filed with the USPTO, the inventors write

In one exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementation, a video game or other application displays an image of a steering wheel. Such display may be on the same screen as one that displays other information such as a race course or other environment through which the vehicle may be maneuvered in a simulated fashion, or it may be on a different screen. The steering wheel display is, in one exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementation, displayed on a screen that is touch sensitive. The touch-sensitive functionality of the screen is used in at least some exemplary illustrative non-limiting implementations to allow the video game player to control the position of the steering wheel displayed on the screen. The displayed vehicle steering wheel position, in turn, is used to control the travel motion or direction of the vehicle being simulated. The resulting simulation provides a realistic input control interface obtainable using relatively inexpensive and compact input devices such as those available on conventional portable or other video game play and/or simulation platforms.

Nintendo Dsi XL Steering wheel Nintendo DSi Touch Screen steering wheel What do you think of this? Cool?

4 thoughts on “Nintendo Files Patent For Touch Screen Steering Wheel On DSi”

  1. 1.- The sketch is from the original DS (a.k.a DS Phat).
    2.- The second pic is the DS Phat’s little plastic thing that comes with the strap and can be used to touch the screen without the touch pencil.
    3.- There is already one DS racing game with virtual steering wheel: Ridge Racer DS, a launch title for the DS Phat. Dunno if it was implemented again after that.

  2. very nice post, yes its true that Nintendo racing games really gives a fun . well i am using play station console1, and it really seems great playing with that console.

  3. Asphalt (DSiWare version) also uses the same steering wheel idea. Unless Nintendo are trying to patent a complex algorithm to make on-screen steering wheels more convenient than they previously have, this must be some old news 🙂

  4. Seriously old news. This “revolutionary” steering control is what they originally intended when the original DS launched… and it sucked.

    The “thumb peripheral” is the so-called “thumb shoe” that came with the original DS wrist/carrying strap. No one used it, so they stopped bundling it with the hardware.

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