Nintendo DS For Left Handed People

Left handed gamers do not have it easy many times. Most games and the consoles they are played on are often built with the right handed user in mind that can often be difficult for the lefties. A recently filed patent application from Nintendo has sought rights for the technology that can make their consoles left-hander friendly as well.

This is how it will work. Users shall be asked if they are left handed or right handed. Depending on the answer, the content on the display screen shall be turned by 180 degrees so that users may use their left hand instead of their right to use the controllers.

The patent reads,

“According to this first aspect, while the second control mode is set, the image data output portion outputs the image data representing an image incident on the image pick-up portion in the orientation rotated by 180 degrees as compared with the case where the first control mode is set. The image data output from the image data output portion is stored in the storage portion under the control of the storage instruction control unit. Through such processing, typically, in a manner of use where a direction in which the information processing device is held is rotated by 180 degrees for use between a right-handed user and a left-handed use”

Nintendo DS for left hand peopleNintendo DS for left handed people

[via USPTO]