Rumored Nintendo 3DS Features And Specifications Revealed

Though a lot has been spoken already about the upcoming Nintendo 3DS portable 3D gaming console, we are yet to hear anything official about the technical specifications. Well, that won’t happen until we move closer to the launch date, but from sources IGN spoke to, we have been able to round in on a few of the technical specifications. So these are some specs that the new Nintendo 3DS is likely to have

  • 2x 266MHz ARM11 CPU
  • 133MHz GPU
  • 1.5GB flash storage (with SD card expansion)
  • 4MB Dedicated VRAM
  • 64MB RAM

IGN further notes,

“While we were unable to determine which variation of the ARM11 processors the 3DS will feature, we now have a better sense of the system’s capabilities. Currently there are a number of devices being powered by the ARM11, including the Zune HD, a variety of Android smartphones, and prior to the introduction of Apple’s A4 processor, the iPhone and iPod touch. “

So there you go. That’s not a bad specs list and is good enough for us to want one. How do you feel about it? Tell us in the comments.