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Nintendo 3DS Launch Date Confirmed

Just a day after German tabloid Bild made a bold speculation about Nintendo launching their new 3DS console on November 11 this year, the official date is out. And Bild is wrong by a big margin. According to the official statement released today, the company shall be launching the new 3D-capable portable gaming console in Japan on February 26, 2011. That’s quite sometime away. The statement also noted the price of the console in the domestic market as 25,000 yen that is close to a $299 price point.

There is no word on when the consoles will make their way out to the other countries. Nintendo has said that they will make separate statements regarding the launch of Nintendo 3DS in USA and Europe and given earlier speculations, that should be close to March 2011.

The console was earlier believed to be launched in Japan by November 20 after a product designer revealed that his designs for the 3DS were launching on that day. Hopefully, the latest statement from the company has put these speculations to rest.

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