– Who Owns The Domain Name?

Google has of late been busy bringing to books those companies trying to violate their trademark. In the past one month alone, Google brought to court 64 such domain names. 62 of them, except for and were seen as names confusingly similar to Google’s and were ordered by the courts that they be handed over to Big G.

In less than a week from now, we will be seeing Google’s own smartphone in the market. Google has decided to handle all the distribution by itself – online. While at present, it is believed that interested consumers need to visit to make their purchases, it is likely that this shall move to an independent domain name in the future. That could be in all likelihood.

So who owns At present, the website redirects to a website called The website claims to be owned by Altamira Mineral Paint company based out of Philippines. We are not really sure if this is a legitimate company website. The website is hosted at DreamHost, but the Who Is information is not really helpful.

The website is supposedly developed by Rodel Sinapilo. This is more likely to be the owner of the site and not the designer since the footer link to the developer points to a page which is itself on a free theme.

Anyway, irrespective of who owns the domain, it shall be interesting to see if Google is interested in laying claim to this domain name soon. Will be number 65 in Google’s recent fight against domain names violating its trademark? Time will tell.