Nexus One To Come With Desktop Dock Accessory?

Google Nexus One could be coming up with a few official accessories above the actual handset. Earlier, we had rumors about an official car kit in the works that will offer users the ability to charge their phones from inside the car as well as possible speaker phone functionalities.

Now, we are hearing that yet another accessory could be in the works. Documents submitted by HTC to FCC point out to the development of a Desktop Dock.

The Desktop Dock shall presumably make bluetooth wireless be available on the Nexus One. While the exact functionality of the accessory is not known, it could possibly help in synchronizing your desktop files with your handset and also offer other Bluetooth functionalities like hands-free speakerphone and remote control options.

Here is the image of the HTC application that SlashGear got hold of

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[via Slash Gear]