Nexus One Rooted – Just That We Are A Week Away From Launch

The Nexus One is still a week away from launch. Google has not even given any indications about the company launching their own smartphone device. But news is in that the device has already been rooted.

Paul O’Brien from UK, the owner of the popular geeks forum Modaco today posted on his website that he had managed to break into the Nexus One handset in order to root it. He has called it the Superboot.

We are not exactly sure how many readers here would actually be owning a Nexus One device at this point, but in case you somehow did, you may proceed to his website to check out the rooting instructions.

Nevertheless, there is nothing much to gain by getting access to the root at this point, but we hope better things will come once Nexus One launches.
[via Gizmodo]