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Yahoo Mail To Sport A Revamped Simplified Interface

Yahoo is working on a new project codenamed Minty to revamp its webmail offering to help the company better position its offering against those offered by rivals like Microsoft and Google. Yahoo has seen a steady decline of traffic in recent times to its email service and the service has lost its top spot in several markets, including emerging ones such as India. The new project is learned to be targeted at markets where the internet connections are not top notch which would mean its regular email service will require a lot of loading time. The upcoming version of Yahoo Mail will have loading speed as one primary factor.

In addition to this, the new Yahoo Mail service is also learned to be closely aligned to the interface offered on mobile platforms like the iPad. Such an interface will unify the user interface across multiple platforms besides reducing loading speed as well as navigational convenience. The updated interface is expected to roll out within the next couple two to three months.

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