New Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Plans To Launch

Virgin Mobile may not be the most popular network in the American market. But the company surely has got a loyal subscriber base and according to a recent report, the company may be simplifying their Broadband2Go data plans to these users.

According to these rumors, Virgin Mobile may replace the current four-option plan with a new two-option plan. Currently, the four plans are in the $10-$60 price range that will give users data cap anywhere between 100MB and 5GB. With the new announcement though, there are only two plans to choose – a $10 plan that will offer up to 100MB for a 10 day validity and another $40 per month plan that offers unlimited data.

That should really get a lot of broadband users happy and should even get many of the $10 plan users to migrate to the larger $40 plan. The new plans are expected to go into effect from August 24.

2 thoughts on “New Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go Plans To Launch”

  1. I am outraged that Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go (B2G) is removing existing pricing plans for ‘already purchased’ MC760 devices. I bought mine on 6Aug2010 and immediately subscribed to the $20 one month service, which is sufficient for our needs.
    They are threatening to discontinue that limited service for the $40 unlimited service which we don’t need. We will be paying the extra $20 and get nothing for it.
    Existing owners MUST be entitled to use the old plans for a reasonable period, say 24 months.
    We’ll see……..

  2. I was rather shocked to learn of the new options of either $10 for ten days or $40 for a month. #20 a month was a perfect balance of use and cost for me. I have been using this plan for only 3 months. I may have to look into some other method, although I’d rather not. PLEASE return the $20 option.

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