New RedSn0w Jailbreak Tool Hactivates iPhone Without Stock SIM

iPhone users looking to unlock their iDevice for use over alternate carriers normally perform a procedure called hactivation. This procedure lets you sign up to iTunes with a SIM from an alternate carrier thereby letting you use your unlocked iPhone. However because of the patches required, such a process often leads to battery drainage as well as iPhones getting hot pretty soon.

Now Sam Binger, the developer of TetherMe has released a new software that provides an amazing alternative. Called Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM), this alternate method tricks iTunes and iPhone into generating official activation tickets even though the unlocked device carries an unofficial SIM.

To make the process much more simpler, the iPhone Dev Team has now incorporated this technique into their latest RedSn0w jailbreak tool. With this new update, users jailbreaking their device may directly hactivate using SAM instead of the conventional method making the whole process seamless. However, for optimal usage, users will have to first deactivate the existing patches before signing in using SAM. The new RedSn0w update contains a “deactivate” button to easily perform this function.

You can check out the update from iPhone Dev Team here.