Notion Ink Adam Shipping Today – February Shipments Advanced

After weeks of anticipation, the Notion Ink Adam will finally go on sale starting today. In a fresh blog post, CEO Rohan Shravan has updated his customers that all FCC labeling related issues have been resolved and the device is cleared for launch. The units are expected to ship from the company’s manufacturing partner’s plant in China on Wednesday.

In what could be interesting news, Shravan has also noted that customers who were initially notified to be receiving their product in February will now see an advancement of the shipping date. Consequently, these customers may start receiving their Adam units in the last week of January. Shravan writes,

“We are tying to pre-pone ALL of the February shipments! So if your status read February, it should be changed to the last week of January. February was suggested to you all because we were not sure of how the FCC will work out (based on which we need to decide on the procurements), and added buffers while giving you the time lines.”

Have you pre-ordered one? Are you excited about receiving your unit soon?

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