Nintendo DSi & DSI XL Prices To Be Slashed

At a time when Microsoft is learned to have raised the price of its XBox Live subscriptions, Nintendo has announced that the company is slashing down on the price of their consoles – DSi and DSI XL. Following this, the Nintendo DSi will now be available at $149.99 and the DSI XL at $169.99 in the US market. As you will notice, the new prices are $20 lower than the current selling price of $169.99 and $189.99 respectively. ┬áThe prices of these consoles in UK and Japan were already slashed in June.┬áThe new prices in USA will go into effect starting September 12.

Nintendo is expected to have an exciting few months ahead with the 3DS rumored to launch soon. However, those speculations received a jolt earlier this year when we heard that the Nintendo 3DS launch in UK has been deferred until early 2011.

Let’s hope the price drop on DSi and DSI XL is only preparation for the imminent arrival of the 3DS.