New MacBook Air To Use Sandy Bridge Processors

Apple MacBook Air which runs on a Core 2 Duo processor is set for a revamp on its processor’s front. According to reports, Apple is going to use the Sandy Bridge Intel processors in its next MacBook Air models. Intel has resolved its issues with the Sandy Bridge chips which apparently were causing problems to SATA drives (hard disks and DVD drives) due to a defect in the component named Cougar of the chipsets. Now that the issue has been resolved, Intel is planning to start shipping the chipsets which should get all the companies back on track with regards to their production.

Apple MacBook Air which was updated in October last year would add a lot more to its processor speed if it were to make use of the Sandy Bridge chipsets. What the MacBook Air possesses in its looks, it lacks in its performance and the addition of the new Intel chipset should solve this problem now.