New Macbook Air Flickering Screen Bug – Apple Working On Solution

Yesterday, I wrote about an issue with the latest model of the Macbook Air that apparently had problem displaying correctly after it was put to sleep. While some users noticed such an issue while working on certain applications, several others also saw other problems like the laptop freezing.

It now looks like Apple may already be working on a fix. In an internal memo circulated to the Apple Store staff, the company has acknowledged that such a problem exists. A temporary resolution noted in the memo reads, –

“Have the customer put the computer to sleep by closing the lid, wait 10 seconds, then open the lid to wake the computer. This should force a display power cycle, and the display should return to normal.”

The memo also notes that a fix to the bug should be available as a software update shortly. So if you are one of those suffering from this flickering screen bug, just hold on. A fix is on the way.