New iPad Commercial Showcases AirPlay, AirPrint & Multitasking Features

Apple has started airing a new iPad commercial to audiences in the United States that showcases all the recent additions that the company has introduced to the iPad – including AirPrint, AirPlay and multitasking.

The iPad commercial begins with a demonstration of the iPad’s ability to “create” documents instead of being merely able to consume media. It further notes the other major introductions with iOS 4.2 including the ability to wireless print documents, stream media to television, multitask and be used as an education and productivity device.

You can check out the video embedded below.

Well, I have objections to the rosy picture painted by the commercial – to be fair, the iPad does not work well as a media creation tool, the Airplay and AirPrint features are pretty limited at the moment and it is really not a device you should buy if you are thinking of working on a lot of documents. But then, it’s after all an ad. So I shouldn’t be complaining.

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