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New iPad 2 Launch By February 2011, Claims New Report

Apple’s next generation iPad was initially thought to launch in January next year. That speculation was soon quashed by yet another report that claimed that the launch will happen on an annual cycle ending in April 2011. Now, here is yet another report that claims February 2011 as the month when customers, at least those in the US, will see the new iPad launching.

According to a note gathered from Apple suppliers by Taiwanese publication DigiTimes, the new iPad shall launch within the next 100 days – which is by the end of February 2011. The initial shipment is reported to be for 400,000 to 600,000 units though Apple is expected to place an additional order for 1.6-1.8 million by the end of January to cater to demands.

If these reports are true, then the first quarter of 2011 could be quite eventful for Apple. The company is expected to come up with a CDMA iPhone in early 2011, followed by a white iPhone launch by April or May next year. With iPad 2 launching between these, at least we won’t be needing to go through a slow news week for the next few months!

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