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New iPad 2 Case Design Features SD Card Slot & DisplayPort Jack

Around the time the Consumer Electronics Show was underway, we got to hear a lot of details about the features on the upcoming second generation model of the iPad. This new launch from Apple is expected to come with wide-range speakers at the bottom of the device besides slightly modified edges and back.

Now there are more details about the features on the next gen iPad. A new set of cases that have been made public by a Chinese accessory manufacturer shows a couple of new features – an SD card slot and a mini DisplayPort jack. The iPad 2 case contains a slot on the rear upper left corner that is possibly to house the SD card. Also, another slot at the center of the top edge is shaped in such a way that it indicates the possible provision for a mini DisplayPort jack.

iPad caseiPad 2 case

No word on the authenticity of these pictures. So, we will have to wait for more official word.

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