Internet Explorer 9 Beta – What’s New?

So as you know, Microsoft has unveiled its latest IE 9 beta browser. The new IE 9 for Microsoft Windows brings a lot of performance improvements to the internet browser. But what’s more significant is the number of features that have been removed, hidden or realigned in order to make the web experience much more comfortable. Here’s a roundup of all that you have to expect with this new browser version

Minimal Branding – Microsoft has simplified the title bar to remove all its ┬ábranding efforts and the result is rather impressive. The entire browser is given a sober look in order to bring more focus to the website itself. Dean Hatchamovitch, the General Manager of the Internet Explorer division explains the philosophy as, “How can we quiet the browser so that the site shines?

Warnings & Notifications – Unlike the earlier versions of the Internet Explorer, the new 9.0 version relegates the notification dialogs to the bottom corner of the window so that the user can attend to them at their convenience.

Tab Management – Managing tabs has been simplified and similar to what you see on Google Chrome, users can simply click and drag a tab to a new window, merge a tab with an existing window or dock them to the side of the pane.

Private OneBox – Another area where Microsoft seems to have taken inspiration from Google Chrome is the new private OneBox. The new version of Internet Explorer no longer contains a separate search box on the top right of the window. Instead, users may simply type a URL or search query on the address bar to get started.

Pinned Shortcuts – Users may now access their favorite websites via a new feature called pinned shortcuts. To pin a shortcut, simply click on the favicon of your favorite website and drag it on to the TaskBar of your desktop. You will then be able to access your favorite websites in just a single click.