New Google Nexus S Rumors Reveal OS, Carrier & More

Google Nexus S, the successor to the famed Nexus One has been doing the rounds for quite a while though we have not talked much about them in the past. Now a few pictures of the Nexus S are out in the wild that give us an idea about the phone’s features.

Firstly, the phone will indeed run on Gingerbread – aka Android 2.3 that is expected to roll out on December 6. Next is the fact that the phone will indeed be a Samsung make and will be tied to a T-Mobile network. Apart from this, the leaked Nexus S pictures also reveal a grey/black notification bar, a green highlights and a new squared-off launcher.

Apparently, the pictures were taken just a couple of days back and the word is that a launch is very much round the corner.

Google Nexus S pictures

Google Nexus S Pictures