New Firefox 4 Features Review.

Firefox 4 has made its debut finally for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms and this time it has some serious improvements in its features along with tons of new additions. Some of the core functionalities being introduced in this new version are :

Speed :

One of the biggest issues faced by Firefox in all its previous versions has finally been solved. Firefox 4 is much faster now with respect to javascript performance, graphics and faster load times. Mozilla claims that there is a three to sixfold increase in the speed and i personally second this statement as the speed changes have been dramatic, test it for yourself.

A Sleeker Interface :

Tabs have now been moved to the top of the window thus saving in lots of space although you can restore them back on the bottom, that’s up to you plus there is an option to put all the menus into a new “Firefox” button on Windows and Linux located in the upper- right hand corner of the window.

The reload and stop buttons have been moved into the address bar which gives the toolbar a much neater look.

Tabs Management :

Tabbed browsing has been improved with the Tab Panorama organization window that shows a visual layout of current open tabs and then allows you to organize them according to various tasks. You also have an option to open any one group at a time, and Firefox saves the other groups thus making your tab bar clutter free.

Tabs can be pinned like the way we can do in Google Chrome plus you can search for open tabs in the address bar and switch to it immediately thus reducing time.

Synchronization :

Synchronize your passwords, bookmarks, history and settings in Firefox with Firefox Sync so that when you perform a fresh install or buy a new PC, all your preferences will be immediately synced there along with an added advantage of syncing all the information to your mobile device if your using Android or Maemo.

Other Notable Improvements :

Apart from these new and improved additions, there are a few other notable features that Firefox has come up with in this new release such as :

  • Support for the WebM video format.
  • Hardware Acceleration for better graphical performance.
  • Sandboxing of plugins to avoid crashes.
  • Improved support for HTML 5 and CSS 3.
  • Better privacy protection.

Well, the feature list does not get over here. For a complete list of all the new additions, please check Mozilla`s homepage.