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New Droid Incredible Rooting Update From Unrevoked Releases

Droid Incredible users received an OTA update last month that brought the Verizon VCAST App Store to the phones. However, as several users who had rooted their handsets came to realize, this update also resulted in breaking the rooted handsets. Last week the dev team at Unrevoked had assured users that an update to the root application would be released shortly.

And release, they did. The new Unrevoked 3.22 update is now available for download that will reestablish the root on Droid Incredible handsets. Writing about this new update, the Unrevoked dev team notes all the changes made to their software:

  • Fix for latest Incredible OTA.
  • New Mac OS X build infrastructure; let us know if it broke for you.
  • Switched to in-house reimplementation of rageagainstthecage for better reliability.

    If you are a Droid Incredible user, you can download the latest version of  Unrevoked from the team website here.

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