New Dell Streak 7″ Tablet To Be Launched

The Dell Streak, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad together constitute almost the entire tablet segment today. Interestingly though, each of these tablets differ in their sizes. While the Apple iPad is sized more or less like a netbook, the Dell Streak looks like an over-sized smartphone. Samsung Galaxy Tab then looks like the appropriate tablet size and now it looks like it is having competition.

After rumors about Apple launching newer mini-iPads with 7″ display, Michael Dell has confirmed that his company too is working on a 7″ Streak. He has indicated that this shall be Android-based and that “it’s nice to have a larger screen” though nothing else is known about this upcoming Dell Streak model. Well, it is not even known if the larger tablet will still be called Streak or if this will have a new brand name. Either way, it looks like Dell is ramping up its efforts to gain market share in this segment. Michael Dell has also announced that the current 5″ model will be available on Best Buy stores very soon.