Augen GenTouch78 News – Google Apps Removed, New Features Added

You remember how the new Augen tablet Рthe GenTouch78 was accused by Google of resorting to piracy by offering its users access to the Android market app despite the fact that Google licenses that application only to its partners at the Open  Handset Alliance (which Augen is not part of)?

Now, the company has announced that the future shipments of its Augen  GenTouch78 will come without the Android market app as well as other Google apps. That means you will not be able to access Gmail, Calendar and Google Talk on your GenTouch78 if you are purchasing the device henceforth. Augen is reported to be in talks with Google to bring back these applications in future versions, though it is not clear why Google should budge.

Besides this, the company has also announced a few other updates. The new features introduced include a screen calibration tool and a USB charging feature. The calibration tool will enable better screen responsiveness while the other feature will let users charge their device using a USB cable.

Do you like your GenTouch78?