Apple Stores To Get New Service Innovation Soon

Apple Insider reports that Apple retail store employees have been informed via an internal news bulletin that the stores will get something “big” shortly. No information apart from the fact that this is revolutionary was revealed. The news piece was supplemented with video clips from Apple Retail employees citing phrases like “It’s going to be big” or “It’s coming“.

So what could this be? Firstly, it should be emphasized that this is not going to be any new product or service for general customers and that this simply going to be some product or service innovation that will improve the Apple Store customer experience.

It is being speculated that Apple may be working towards a mobile retailing concept whereby customers may make use of mobile kiosks, Near Field communications and bar code scanning applications tied with an iPhone app named “Products +” in order to get help on the Apple product they own.

Of course, this is one speculation. Do drop in a line in the comments if you speculate on something else.

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