Netflix Internet TV Streaming Consumes 20% Of US Internet Bandwidth

Netflix is no longer that DVD rental company that you know. As the company’s CEO had recently noted, the company sees themselves more as a streaming company. Now, with Netflix streaming supported on over 100 different devices in the American households, it is no surprise that a good majority of them use this streaming to watch primetime shows over the internet on TV. According to a report by Sandvine Inc., from Canada, Netflix streaming constitutes close to 20% of all internet bandwidth in the US during the primetime – 8PM to 10PM.

That however does not mean that the American internet user consumes any more bandwidth that their counterparts in the rest of the world. In fact, as the report points out, the median monthly internet consumption across North American households is 4GB whereas the corresponding number in Asia Pacific is a high 12GB.

Nevertheless, Netflix’s popularity among their 16.9 million registered userbase in USA in pretty impressive.