Netflix In Canada : Launch And Subscription Fee Announced

After months of speculation, DVD rental and online movie streaming company, Netflix has finally announced their foray into Canada. The service can now be accessed at and will come with a monthly subscription fee of $7.99 along with a possible free one-month trial sign up.

Netflix has come a long way since it was merely a DVD rental company in the US. Their content can now be streamed online from a variety of devices including desktop computers, Nintendo Wii, Sony PlayStation, iPhone, iPad and blu-ray players from Samsung & Toshiba. Support for Microsoft XBox 360 is expected to happen later this year. All of these connectivity options are available to Canadian customers as well. The Canadian service will be English-only to begin with though support for French is expected to happen very soon.

And in case you did not realize yet, the Netflix Canada service is online-streaming only. No DVD rental is being planned for the time being.