5.1 Surround Sound Coming To Netflix?

Get ready for better experience on the live streamed Netflix movies from later this year. CNET is quoting sources as revealing that a higher 5.1 surround sound and closed captioning features could be offered on Netflix’s HD livestreams from later this year.

However, another rumor surrounding the introduction of 1080p HD streaming went bust as Netflix has denied that this shall be brought to customers anytime this year – An implicit approval of the other rumor however.

Netflix is under intense competition of late ever since Google announced the launch of rental movies on Youtube. Unlike Netflix’s policy to bring new movies 28 days after release, Youtube can bring users new releases thus making it a better option. Better home-theater experiences in the form of surround sound are expected to help Netflix retain the loyalty of their users though it is not known if Google has similar plans for their rental releases as well.

[via CNET]