Need Cheap Controllers For iPhone Games? Try This

Every discussion on the iPhone as a portable gaming console alternative to the likes of PSP Go inevitably moves to a debate on the cons of having a touchscreen for navigation controls. And the arguments put forward are valid. There are not simple enough workarounds that will satisfy hardcore gamers. But if you do not mind some low cost workarounds to improve the gaming experience on your iPhone or iPod Touch, here is something that will interest you.

Tactile+Plus are basically stickers that are shaped in the firm of regular navigation buttons that you can stick on your iPhone touchscreen that will come with those bumps that will give you a better idea of where the controls are while playing a game. The stickers are made of conducting material that will relay your touches to the capacitive touchscreen below.


This is not the ultimate solution given that you are going to have stickers showing up randomly on your screen while not playing a particular game. But if you think shelling out $7.80 for such a sticker is not a bid deal, you must go for it.