MSI WindPad U100 Review Of Features & Price

MSI is showcasing its new WindPad U100 tablet PC at the IFA 2010 event next month. Ahead of the event, the company has released a few tidbits of information about this beautiful tablet device. MSI WindPad U100 features a 10.1-inches touchscreen display and runs on an Intel Atom Z530 processor. The computer is deployed with a RAM of 2GB capacity and contains a storage capacity of 32GB.

The MSI WindPad will run on Windows 7 – and you do know how good the processor is compared to iOS – and will also feature a docking station that is incorporated with two USB 2.0 ports, audio input/output, ethernet port as well as connectivity options for VGA and HDMI output.

MSI Windpad

Now since the unveiling is set to happen next month, the actual launch is expected to happen much later. But if this device appeals to your requirements and you are willing to pay close to $499 for this, stay tuned for more info about this product.

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