MSI FX400 Review Of Specs And Price

MSI is out with yet another notebook from its FX series. The new MSI FX400 looks to be a more compact version of the MSI FX600 that we had reviewed last month. Unlike the large 15.6-inches display on the FX600, the FX400 notebook comes with a 14-inch LCD display screen that runs on an Intel Core i5 processor. Multimedia consumers are one of the key target segments for this new device and it is no surprise that this new notebook will come with a NVIDIA GeForce GT 325M graphics card.

Other features on the MSI FX400 include a Turbo Drive engine, a 500GB storage space, HDMI connectivity, Bluetooth support, etc. We are yet to hear the official price of this device, but considering that the larger FX600 is priced at $899, expect this one to come much less than that.

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