Move Over Smartphones, It is SuperPhones Now

By now, you must be aware of all the tech specifications of the Google Nexus One. Well, it did not have anything different from what was speculated. However, one thing that has interested everyone is the integration of voice capabilities into all the applications – email, text messaging, maps, etc. That means you can simply dictate away instead of navigating through. How effective is it to the various accents, we are still not very sure, but the software is known to train itself and so you should be able to dictate much easier with more usage.

Google calls it a “superphone“. We would tend to disagree with this. Despite the gigahertz processors, it can still be called yet another smartphone. It was a needless extension of a category that is still in its formative years.

But one thing that the Nexus One has revolutionized is the distribution. As we had mentioned earlier in our article on the secret behind the Nexus One name, Nexus One shall be coming up with a lot of operators (available with just T-Mobile currently). Like the Google executive said during the briefing, the idea is for you to get the phone and then choose an operator rather than the other way round.

What do you think of this new strategy and will you be going for it? Do tell us. And yes, if you are, check out Google Phone page to order right away.

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