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Motorola's Multiple Screen Display To Improve User Experience

Is watching a video on your tiny smartphone screen not good enough? Are your fingers too big to type on your smartphone touchscreen? Don’t worry, Motorola may have just heard you. According to a patent application filed by the company, you may be able to make your viewing screen bigger by simply placing your Motorola handsets beside one another.

In the filing, the inventors describe a technology whereby the display of several handsets may be configured to act like one to run applications such as streaming a video while maintaining the same aspect ratio. The inventors write

“A device comprises a display arrangement which includes a plurality of displays that are movable relative to each other such that a plurality of display configurations can be achieved. Each of the display configurations provides a combined display area which is different for at least two of the display configurations. An application processor is operable to execute a plurality of user applications, each of which can provide a display output. A display driver is arranged to generate an arrangement of display output for the display arrangement from the display output of an application being executed. The display driver sets a display characteristic for the arrangement of display output in response to a characteristic of the executed application and the deployed display configuration.”

Multiple Screen Display for smartphones

Looks like an iBoard and iMat killer is not too far away!

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