Motorola Xoom Wi-Fi And 3G Model Launch Dates Revealed?

Xoom – the recently unveiled Honeycomb-based tablet computer from Motorola could launch in April this year. This is according to Motorola Mobility Latin America General Manager Maurizio Angelone who has revealed that the Wi-Fi only version of the device would be available on stores starting April of this year. An Argentinian blog has meanwhile reported that a 3G-enabled Xoom tablet should also launch soon after. The website expects the launch of this variant to happen around May of this year.

The revelations are interesting considering that we were not aware of Wi-Fi only variants of the Xoom until now. The rumored sources have also indicated that the assembly of the 3G enabled and Wi-Fi only devices shall happen in Argentina and Brazil respectively. That is another deviation from the norm where China is usually the place of assembly. We will keep track on how this news pans out.