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Motorola Xoom Price Rumored To Be $799

Motorola Xoom – the Android 3.0 tablet with a dual core 1GHz processor, a 32GB flash storage and 10.1″ screen – is among the most anticipated tech launches this year. The tablet gained huge publicity when it was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

While there has not been any official communication regarding the launch date and price, we have heard from Motorola executives from South America that the tablet will launch in April and May of this year. While the price remains elusive, the Xoom could be priced at $799 if a leaked Verizon document is anything to go by. The document contains a list of ¬†product prices and launch timelines and contains a ‘Minimum Advertised Price‘ of $799 against the Xoom. The price is set for the period between January 21 and July 21 of this year.

If true, Xoom could seem to be priced higher than the equivalent iPad. As you would know already, the 32GB 3G-enabled version of iPad costs $729 in the US market. What do you think? Are you planning to buy one at this price?

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