Motorola Droid 2 Signal Dropping Frequently – Reports

MobileCrunch is reporting that several users who have got hold of  the just-released Motorola Droid 2 are experiencing rapid fluctuations in their antenna signal with some units dropping from full signal strength to zero all while staying at the same place. The issue is going to be keenly taken note of coming soon after Apple’s much publicized Antennagate issue. Now, it is not clear whether the problem with Motorola Droid 2 is as widespread as the iPhone 4 issue was. So one thing, we need to take this news with a bit of skeptcism (Apple fanboys would love to get this news as much publicity as possible, wouldn’t they?!). Also, it is not clear if this is just a software problem – signal bar display does not always portray the actual signal strength – or a hardware problem since the report notes that the testers “did not hold the handset the wrong way“.

Nevertheless, we will have to keep a tab on this news and see how many users actually start experiencing this issue. Are you one of the early Droid-2ers? How is the signal strength on your new machine? Write to us in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Motorola Droid 2 Signal Dropping Frequently – Reports”

  1. Welp, so far I like the Droid2 quite a bit, not as much as the iPhone 3Gs it replaced but for what it is it is ok. Reception, well it’s hard to quantify. I expected it to be better than my 3Gs on AT&T, so far however it’s largely the same, two or three dropped calls a day. Audio compression (How the caller sounds) seems like any modern phone, almost every call requires you ask someone to repeat what they said due to heavily garbled audio. Certainly the tactile feedback of a real keyboard is nice, but I’ve already found myself missing how small my old phone was compared to the Droid2.

    Am I satisfied? At the moment, yes. Will I be in a month? I’m not ready to answer that yet.

  2. I started with a Droid X but returned it because the virtual keyboards just did not fit my fingers. During the time I owned it there were no problems with signal strength in my home, car, or shop.
    I bought a Droid 2 on the day it came out. Love the keyboard, but the Verizon service flat out does not work. Now I frequently drop from 3 bars to none with the phone sitting by a window and not being touched or moved. I routinely miss calls and don’t know until the phone beeps long after the call.
    Verizon & Motorola have about 1 more week to fix this or the Droid 2 goes back before the 30 day trial period ends. This is a real bummer because I spent a lot of time setting up Apps the way I want them. At least my ancient LG phone WORKS for crying out loud.

  3. I got my phone about 2 weeks ago and I notice I have been having signal issues. I thought it was the apps I was downloading like the advance task killer app so I removed it. But I was still encountering The same signal issue. So I did some research and I found that there were others with the same problem. I liked the phone and is the reason why I moved to verizon because of there service. I just hope that motorola does something to fixed this issue.

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