Motorola Milestone 2 Features Revealed

Motorola will soon be unveiling its new Milestone 2. They even had a demo video ready but before you realized it, the video was pulled. But some good folks have managed to get hold of the stocks and have republished the video. So from the demo, here is what we know.

Firstly, this is a MOTOBLUR device. That could in itself come as a deal breaker to many. Nevertheless, let’s move on – there is a 1GHz processor and a 40GB storage space. There is a camera with dual-LED flash but there is no mention about the sensor resolution. Also, you have HD video recording, 3G mobile hotspot, Flash 10.1 support and a Droid 2 keyboard. Multitasking is possible too and you may run up to 7 apps simultaneously.

This is definitely not enough information to make a decision. But you do get the idea, right? Check out the video for more.