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Is Your Verizon Droid-X Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?

Several users have been complaining that the latest update to the new Verizon Droid X has failed to offer any significant assistance to the Wi-Fi connectivity problems that has been affecting many of those Motorola Droid-X handsets out in the wild. According to reports, users have been facing issues with the handset connecting to the router even if they are only a few feet away from the router. Several other users have been reporting frequent disconnecting of their Wi-Fi connections.

Here is a couple of posts from a Droid enthusiasts forum,

“First if i toggle WiFi off and then back on the phone will not automatically join my wifi network. I have to go to wifi settings and then it will rejoin my network. I don’t have to click on my network and join it again. I simply have to visit the menu again and it jumps back on my network.The big problem is once it is on my network the performance is terrible. Most of the time I am better off using 3G.”

“I too am having problems with my droid x connecting through wireless N mode. I’m using a Dlink DIR 655 router. I can connect when I toggle the wifi on, but it will disconnect a few seconds later. I’ve tested on G mode and it works fine with no issue whatsoever. I thought that the update would fix the issue, but it didn’t.”

If you are one of those facing the issue, you may try one of these fixes. First option – Try changing the encryption by reconfiguring ┬áDIR-655 with TKIP instead of the default AES. Second option – change your router to work with 802.11g instead of the 802.11n network. It appears to have helped some users.

Let us know if it works for you.

2 replies on “Is Your Verizon Droid-X Wi-Fi Disconnecting Frequently?”

And how exactly would one go about changing the encryption by reconfiguring DIR-655 with TKIP instead of the default AES?

I see no options in the wifi setup on my droid x.

This is referring to a specific router a Dlink. Go to the manufactures website and you should be able to find help there on how to set your router to TKIP

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